21 October 2018

Flame of the Emperor. DreadTober Week 4

Week four of DreadTober, I've fallen very very behind on getting my dread built and painted.   So he's at least built now.  Left arm has been magnetized to swap out.

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05 October 2018

Some Help

So I know I'm supposed to be working on my dread for DreadTober but this guy has been sitting on my painting table getting work in little bursts of activity.  I've also found I've gotten to the point I need to stop trying to work on him.  You can go down a rabbit hole trying to do too much detail.

I need to finish the organ in his hand and touch up the shoulders and arms which were don separately from the body and just now glued on.  Then finish out the base.  The base has really turned out fantastically and I hope to only improve that look.

29 September 2018

Lets try this again.

Ok so I'm going to try this again this year.  Dreadtober!!!  The online community striving to build and paint a dreadnought or dreadnought sized model in the month of October.

I've tried this in the past and its been a good motivation to get something done.

This kit was given to me about a year ago and I just kept putting him off till I had more time.

No time like the present.

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02 August 2018

mummm plasma

Its been awhile since I've posted. Life has gotten in the way of minis but time is slowly becoming more manageable. I've wanted these guys for awhile as a bit heavier punch for the Primaris marines.
While the marines are cool I'm not sure I like the way the muzzles attach to the front. They don't fit flush.

01 November 2017


Just like Last year I failed to complete the Dreadtober challenge. I've got quite a bit of progress done on the new Dread but he is not complete. I will get some photos of him tonight and post up my shame. He only needs a few hours more to be complete.

30 September 2017

Dreadtober Starting shot

Proof of new model for the Dreadtober challenge.  I'll be assembling into 4 parts, legs, torso, arms.  Priming and then detail work before final assembly.

26 September 2017

Dreadtober Returns!

Hey gang I'm going to try to participate in DreadTober again this year.  I did some ok progress last year but failed to complete my dread on time.  This year I'll be working on a Primaris Redemptor Dreadnought I picked up at WarGamesCon for a steal.  Head over to the DreadTober blog and follow along.