01 April 2016

They return

Slowly but surely the marines take shape once more. I started out with an extra sprue ordered off of ebay so that I could maximize the amount of special weapons available to the new force.
 What is shown here are all of the heavy bolters and plasma guns built out. I've also got one each of the other weapons. The plan is to build each squad with a melta an missile launcher as standard and then have a few flamers and plasma to augment. The heavy bolters will probably form the core of my devastator squad. I really want some of the new HH era heavy weapons but I don't need 5 of each!!!

Not shown here are the 6 packs of salamander shoulder pads and the metal tactical and assault team shoulder pads picked up from the GW store Wednesday.

10 February 2016


The time has come to rebuild the Salamanders.  I have been unhappy with them for some time.  I've never been able to get a consistant color mix for airbrushing, thus most of the army shares a single base color but it shifts all over the place.

I've opted also to start with the heresy era mark 4 marine armor.  The snout has a draconic look and I think lends well to salamanders.  I've already played around with this when I built my custom sternguard some time ago.  I'll be keeping that squad, the scouts, and a few single models here and there.

The core of the new force will be the models from a Betrayal at Calth set.  I will probably be trolling ebay for some additional sprues to fill out three full squads with special weapons.

My goal is to build a demi company so I'll be picking up a dread and assault team at some point.

Look for changes around this site to reflect the rebuild.


19 May 2014


Please FW take my money!!!

06 May 2014

Epic Shout out!!

So I want to preface this with I have no idea who made it, no idea who owns it.  The image link was passed along to me by a friend, and its AWESOME!!!!! 

24 April 2014


Back summer of 2010 I got an awesome idea to build my own custom sternguard.  I wasn't happy with the at the time metal 5 man kit, that later turned into fine cast.

So I went about building my own.  I collected 10 identical chest plates, ordered aftermarket shoulder pads and combibolters from Chapter House Studios, and a red scorpions upgrade pack which was the only way to get mark 4 heads back then.  Don't forget the two custom built heavy flamers from plastic terminators.

Fast forward and they have recived newly released forgeworld salamanders shoulder pads.  I could have also just ordered a squad of mark 4 marines and given them newer plastic combi bolters from the newly released plastic sternguard box.  Oh well they are unique and they are mine and they are finally getting some love.

They were mostly assembled around sept 2010 but have languished.  Towards the end of 5th they picked up some steam as body guards for vulkan, nothing like two heavy flamers and a gauntlet of the forge to ruin your day.  Lately they have become a first strike option in a drop pod.  After an amazing performance against some rouge Iron Hands, they have earned some time on the table.

Base coat is of Army Painter green, which is a pretty close match to my original Reaper Master Paints leaf green.

07 February 2014

A brother takes up the black

OK couldn't resist the call back to the other watch who wears black.  Been working on the start of a Xenos kill team to either play as a sternguard squad, or play in small kill team games.  I haven't come up with a name for him yet, but one of the guys had to be a flamer wielding Salamander for sure.  

Bits from the new sternguard box, 10 year old Kill team lead parts, and sweet FW Salamanders shoulder pads.  Pictured with him are the squad sgt with a power sword, and another trooper with a heavy bolter for flavor.

26 September 2013

Help some heros win an army

There is currently a raffle going on over the pond to win an amazing Salamanders army.  So really why not buy a ticket, help some folks out, win the best marine army around.