10 February 2016


The time has come to rebuild the Salamanders.  I have been unhappy with them for some time.  I've never been able to get a consistant color mix for airbrushing, thus most of the army shares a single base color but it shifts all over the place.

I've opted also to start with the heresy era mark 4 marine armor.  The snout has a draconic look and I think lends well to salamanders.  I've already played around with this when I built my custom sternguard some time ago.  I'll be keeping that squad, the scouts, and a few single models here and there.

The core of the new force will be the models from a Betrayal at Calth set.  I will probably be trolling ebay for some additional sprues to fill out three full squads with special weapons.

My goal is to build a demi company so I'll be picking up a dread and assault team at some point.

Look for changes around this site to reflect the rebuild.


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