01 October 2016

Welcome to Dreadtober

This year I'm taking the challenge started by the folks over at Brokenpaintbrush.com to work on dreadnought or dreadnought style 40k minis in the month of October.  Its a chance to challenge yourself to get paint on a model.

As most folks know I have a horrible follow through on painting my minis.  This will be a good chance to focus on a character model I've had for quite a while and will make a nice show piece for my Salamanders restart.  Because most of the base color work also needs to be done on his simpler cousin the 30k contemptor I'm going to push myself to do both.

My friends Dan and Glenn of The Narrative Guys have also thrown in on the challenge, check out their work while they also plan to run a fantastic local event and some really nice narrative gaming at LVO 2017

My models have already been assembled and Ashmantle has paint on him, but both will be repainted with a new color of green that I've chosen for my Salamanders.  The painting time should be tomorrow as today was spent on prep and getting my space cleared to paint.

I'll try to track the colors used as much as I can and put in at least weekly progress reports.