10 October 2016

Dreadtober week 1

Week one did not end so well.  Time issues kept me from getting any prime and base coats on the dreads.  As I had a free weekend this past weekend I looked forward to making a lot of progress.  Well that didn't go as planned.

The dreads and some other models sitting around got their black prime coat done with only a small airbrush issue.  That was fixed early Saturday morning with a friends advice who uses this same basing airbrush more often.  Base coats on we gave them some time to cure and fired up the new green.

Well that just sucked.  The paint came out with a consistency of water, making it next to impossible to get a good coat on the models.  Due to his smooth surfaces the contempotor finally took a solid coat after three passes.  He has now become the focus of my efforts for the time being.

I have two new bottles of paint on order and hopefully it was a bad mix.  We shall see when they get here later this week.

Brother Ashmantle did not fair so well, with his volume of detail and sharp edges the paint just rain off him or pooled in places that had to be caught quickly.  He's the one I really wanted to concentrate on this cycle as I've had him sitting around for quite awhile.

There is your update for week one, hopefully week two will be much more productive.  I still think I'm on a good track for the contemptor but  now a very tight track for Ashmantle.

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